Louisiana Section


Stage Design Resources

For those who would like to design their own stages, the following links provide MS Word templates and stage prop graphics that can be used to layout your own stage design.  Some familiarity with MS Word is required.   

3D Stage Design - Google has developed a free 3D modeling program called Sketchup that can be used for 3D stage design.  The program can be downloaded via the first link below (make sure you download the FREE version and not the version for sale).  Also listed below are three additional files:  brief instructions for using Sketchup to design stages,  a blank stage template containing a wide array of standard props, and lastly a sample stage.  The program takes a little effort to get the feel for it but it is very powerful, e.g. allows the user to do a virtual walkthrough, spot potential shoot-throughs, etc.  The only thing missing is Joe Touchton shouting directions.  Have a look.


Online Stage Resources

  • Stage Exchange is a free site offering over 1000 IPSC/USPSA-style stages, indexed by round count, discipline, etc.  It is a great site to browse for ideas or stages can be downloaded for use in local matches.

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