The Graveyard

RULES: Practical Shooting Handbook, Latest Edition COURSE DESIGNER: Guy Diebold

START POSITION: Facing downrange in Box A, wrists above respective shoulders.


On signal, proceed to Area B and engage T1 T11 and poppers 1 6 as they become visible from within area B. PP1 activates T4 and PP2 activates T8 and stomp box activates T6.

Shooter must step on stomp box to activate target.


SCORING: Comstock, 28 rounds, 140 points

TARGETS: 11 IPSC, 6 steel

SCORED HITS: Best 2 per IPSC, KD = 1A

START-STOP: Audible - Last shot

PENALTIES: As per current USPSA handbook






RO Notes: