Night Stalker

RULES: IPSC Handbook, Latest Edition                            COURSE DESIGNER:  Tangi Design Team

START POSITION:  Shooter begins facing downrange in Box A with palms flat on barricade at shooter’s eye level. 



  On signal, proceed to area B and engage T1 – T16 and PP1 – 4 as they become visible from within Area B.


             SCORING:    Comstock, 36 rounds, 180 points

            TARGETS:      16 Classic, 4 Pepper poppers

   SCORED HITS:      Best 2 on paper, KDS = 5

     START-STOP:      Audible, last shot

        PENALTIES:      As per current USPSA handbook.



SETUP NOTES: Targets must be placed such that the shooter must utilize as much of Area B as possible to visualize all targets and complete the COF.